So, last week I sent goals to Leah a.k.a. the Nutritionista for her Winter Shape Up challenge.

I e-mailed her:

So my goals for this week are:
-Work out at least five times this week and not use fun after-work
activities as an excuse. This also involves not hitting the snooze
button in the morning. I want to get back into running, so I’m going
to aim for a goal of 10 miles this week.
-Lose 1 pound. I was losing way more than this a week over the summer,
so it’s time I get back on track so I can reach my goal weight by
-Not buy lunch or breakfast for the rest of the week.


Last week’s goals? I sucked. I had a god-awful week, and I resorted to buying food because it made me feel better. (At least it was mostly healthy food.) I also allowed wayy too many sweets to creep in. So, I didn’t lose any weight and I totally sucked on the not buying breakfast or lunch every day. However, I did run 12 miles. So I made that goal.

This week’s more realistic goals:
– Bring lunch/breakfast more often than buying it out. So far, I’m one for one on this one! [Amended rule/goal: if it is free/not coming out of my bank account/credit card (this includes found gift cards, Starbucks, check; and coworkers giving you free Pump cards, CHECK! This also includes dates…hi there boys, yes, I am still single…) it doesn’t count. This is really more a financial goal than health goal. I just spend too much on food that I eat at my desk.]
– Run 13 miles. That’s what my training schedule calls for this week, so I should be good. 
– Lose the 1 pound I wanted to lose last week.

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