What do you say to yourself/do to keep yourself from eating poorly?

Sometimes just thinking of the calories/fat/lack of nutritional value in whatever “bad” food I want to eat is enough. Sometimes, I think about how I used to look or of other fat people and how I don’t want to ever look like that/feel like that again. Sometimes I think about my tightest jeans or dress and how they won’t fit if I keep eating [whatever bad stuff.] To keep myself from drinking more than I know I should, I usually think about how I’ll feel the next day working out and how it messes up my next day. Even 1-2 drinks really makes a difference for me if I’m running or working out. And sometimes I think of the skinny girls I wanted to look like (c’mon, we all have ‘em) and think “I bet they don’t eat that.” And sometimes, I think of how I wouldn’t want to post whatever bad thing to this blog 🙂

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