Do As I Say, Not As I Do…

Between the hours of midnight Sunday and 3 PM yesterday, I had 4 Red Bulls.

Between 5pm Thursday night and whenever the J-E-T-S game was over on Sunday, I had copious amounts of alcohol.

I have not been to the gym since Thursday. It didn’t happen when Meggie was here, and since she left Sunday evening, I was nose-to-the-grindstone busy with freelance work.

I am tired, but because I’ve already had a big coffee this morning, I feel a little strung out. I am kinda achy. I’m a little nauseated from all these dehydrating liquids. My stomach is also upset. In short, I feel gross right now. Back in the day, I had this gross feeling often. It’s something I haven’t felt for awhile and don’t want to feel again for quite some time.

I am currently guzzling a GINORMOUS water bottle and heading to the gym at 2 for a session with Joel, after which I’ll do some cardio. (And then get a smoothie from the best cart EVER.)

I love this analogy from one of my new favorite bloggers:

Even if you don’t have a GPS you have probably been in a car at one time with one. If so, then you know what happens when you go the wrong way…

Suddenly Tomtom (or whoever is directing you) says, “What the hell you loser?! I told you to go left, why did you go right?! You are stupid…”

No. That is not what happens. The GPS actually says, “Re-calculating” and finds you a new way to your destination.

What do you tell yourself when you go the wrong way on your diet plan? Do you calmly re-calculate and get back on track or do you berate yourself?

I’m recalculating and drinking as much water as I can, heading back to the gym and getting to sleep early tonight after two late nights working and a few late nights partying. I owe it to myself.

I’m glad that, at least for the most part, I ate pretty well this weekend, save for some late-night eats at The Smith the other night and munching on some wings and fries while drinking beer and watching football on Sunday. (Instead, I drank my calories…)

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