Mailed: Dec 11. Received Jan 25. Whoa.


Don’t look at the lumps…

Look at the awesome/motivation!


Every now and again something so fabulous happens it’s hard to put into words; yesterday was one of those days.

The lovely lady, Theodora, over at Losing Weight in the City, (who has not only rocked at her own weight loss, recently run a ½ marathon in Disney World, shares my love of all things Starbucks, created the Spring-Shape-Up Challenge and has written an article for glamour!!, mailed me, little old Torontotarian me, a Christmas gift, that to say I squealed over when I opened it would be an understatement.

Theodora! It’s PERFECT, and amazing and PERFECT! And I can’t wait to train in it for my 42.2 km run (Oh.My.God) in Chicago (October 2010).

It was such a wonderful surprise yesterday, and I sincerely appreciate the thought, kind gesture, beautiful shirt and Christmas card!

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart!



I think E was one of the first weight-loss blogs I started following, and I don’t remember how I found her blog, but I’m glad I did. Like me, E totally keeps it real on the whole weight-loss thing, and she’s pretty damn funny. We met back in October and she’s just as funny in person. She also has an adorable little accent.

I was looking for a great shirt to wear for my half-marathon, and I saw this shirt and couldn’t resist sending it to her. Why it took 6 weeks to go less than 500 miles is beyond me. I mean, Canada’s not that far, eh?

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