Sushi* for breakfast? I wish!

No, last night I had dinner at Mizu with the adorable Casey! (I took some much needed unplugging time last night after dinner to clean and read. Working from home can make the work/life balance thing REALLY hard sometimes.)

Manhattan really is a small town sometimes. Casey and I went to college together and have a mutual former coworker (hello CF!), but we’d never met. Though I’m sure the people sitting around us would have had a hard time believing that as we giggled about everything from guys to going out in NYC.

The sushi at Mizu, as Casey said, is nothing trendy or special, but it’s worth it alone for the FPI (Fish Per Inch)! These babies were exploding with fish! My only gripe with the restaurant was its refusal to use brown rice. BOOO.

Watch out, world! Casey is totally making a name for herself (must be that AU education!) in the PR world. Go watch her on this panel (it’s free!) next week!

*My in-restaurant photos always suck because I’m always a little self-concious being the girl with the flash going off. Must work on this!*

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