Week 1!

So, here were my goals for the week. How did I do?

My Goals for This Week

Fitness: stick to the cardio schedule Joel gave me: 2 days of spin class, 2 days of StairMaster, 1 day of the AMT elliptical and 1 day of rowing/Cybex. I failed miserably at this one. I did one day of cardio.

Nutrition: Eat as cleanly as possible (and make as many meals as possible.) I have a friend coming into town this weekend, so I need to really step up my game and not use that as an excuse to put crap in my body. I did okay on this one — I ate relatively well while Meg was in town, but I drank too much.

Weight Loss: I know some of the extra weight I’m carrying right now is extra water weight from the race, so I think I can handle losing 2 pounds this week. (Technically, nine days!)

Okay — this one makes no sense. I am nine pounds down from where I was last week — which means a pound less than my goal weight! I have zero idea how this happened, because not sticking to my fitness and nutrition shouldn’t have that kind of effect. I’d like to stay at this weight (obviously), so I’m going to really stay on top of my game to keep it here.

Healthy thinking: To not have a defeatist attitude towards my career challenges.

I bought Crush It!, and I like the idea of it’s yours if you’re willing to work your ass off for it. Operating on the idea of “I can do it!” is much healthier than the self-defeating attitude I had before.

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