Your body is a big science experiment.

I went to see Joel this morning, and he asked me how my weight was doing. He doesn’t weigh me that often any more, now that I’ve lost most of my weight.

“Um, good?” I answered.

“What does that mean?”

I explained that I had retained a few pounds of water weight after the race, but that my weight was stabilizing, and I was within my normal range of before the race. He said “on which side? Heavier or lighter?” I answered that it was a pound heavier. To a lot of you, this may sound like splitting hairs, but the last few pounds are the hardest to lose. Your body wants to hold onto them. Your mind thinks you’re already there. The pounds don’t melt off like they did before because you’re not lifting as much with every single step. You’ve already cut the sodium out of your diet so there’s not as much water weight you can flush away.

So everything you put in your body counts. I take pictures of all of my meals, but I’m going to try really hard to document here/DailyBurn everything that’s going on in Lab Theodora. That means, every workout, every morsel of food eaten, every drink drank (drunk?)

On Monday, I was at **7.4 on the scale; this morning I was at **3.0. I dropped those 4 pounds of water weight by working out everyday and staying on top of my food and water game. (I also restarted my Omega-3 and Vitamin Bs. The Omega-3 reduces inflammation — aka getting the crap out of you — and the Vitamin Bs help turn food into energy. I love the Vitamin B complex I take. It gives me lots of energy and keeps me in a good mood.)

Also, please note that it’s not *all* about the scale — that is just one of the easiest empirical ways to measure your shaping-up progress.

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