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Brussel sprouts, spinach and salmon

After reading about brussel sprouts here and here, I decided to try them on my own. Last week, I tried them in a Ziploc steamer bag.

FAIL! They tasted pretty much like I expected brussel sprouts would. Usually when I have a cooking question, like most women, I’ll ask my mom. I knew brussel sprouts were not her bag, baby, so I turned to the other person I ask cooking questions: Meg.

A pescatarian until a few years ago (when she started eating some chicken – YAY!), Meggie is skilled with her veggies. I used to make fun of her in college for her portobello mushroom “burgers.” I digress. “So, I’m making some brussel sprouts with dinner tonight,” I told her.

“How are you preparing them?”

“In a Ziploc steamer. I’m not really sure I’m ready to invest the time to actually cook them.”

I am pretty sure she rolled her eyes in Baltimore. But! Then she shared this tip: cook them over “not hot hot heat” (I cook EVERYTHING on high – what? It cooks faster!) in some olive oil and garlic. Cut them in half and put the flat side in the pan. DO NOT TOUCH. (Also difficult for this slightly ADD healthy chef.) Wait until they start browning, and then they are good to go! I tried, and they were actually really good. Meggie and brussel sprouts for the win.

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