Two things:

1. Chobani Low-Fat Pineapple Yogurt? AMAZING. It is so rich and creamy, it tastes like pudding (UM, Swiss Miss Vanilla? Anyone remember that stuff? YUM.) — but better for you. Add berries and granola and it’s heaven in your mouth.

2. I forgot to post about my workout. I did 15 minutes of intervals (30 seconds running at 6.0, 45 seconds walking at 3.0) on the treadmill at a 10% incline. Joel said that it’s the intensity, not the duration that’s important in weight loss. Plus, if you usually do a half hour workout, this changes it up. And our bodies need new challenges to keep burning fat. Try it! It’s harder than it sounds. And if it’s not, up the speed or the incline.

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