Half-Marathon Training, or Lack Thereof

I am so not into the half-marathon this time around.

I’ve barely followed my training schedule. I’m just trying to keep to my long runs on the weekends and get whatever runs in during the week that I can.

I ran a half-marathon last month, I reason with myself. I’m in great shape physically. I know I can do it.

But sticking to a you-run-this-many-miles-at-this-speed-this-many-times-a-week schedule? I’m so not feeling it right now. I’m going to keep up with my long runs on the weekend and try to keep up with my tempo runs during the week, but I am excited to take a break from organized training between this half-marathon and CHICAGO!

I’ll run some shorter races, and I’ll keep up some long runs to keep up some kind of base but nothing too formal. My mind needs the break.

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