Oh? My goals?

How did I do on my goals this week?

Weight Loss: My goal, by next Weigh-In Wednesday, is for my weight to have stabilized. I will do this by less alcohol this weekend, following my own advice. I hope to be two pounds down from where I was yesterday, which puts me one little pound above my goal weight. I actually want to lose a few more pounds after there just to tone up a bit, but I consider those bonus pounds, since they weren’t part of my original goal of 50. Still haven’t really stabilized. Working on it, as my birthday/goal is next week!

Fitness: I think I’ve had enough of a rest from my first half to start training for mysecond. (Which finishes approximately half a mile away from my apartment. Lower Manhattan FTW! For once!) So, I plan to get in a long run tomorrow and a recovery run on Tuesday. I’ll do regular cardio Monday, and I’m taking a rest day today. I did my long run but no recovery run and missed a few days of cardio for being sick. Meh.

Nutrition: To continue to eat as cleanly as possible and to limit my alcohol intake. (That was kind of a fail last night but I’ll work on it tonight and for the rest of the week.) This was a total fail on Friday night (but fun), but the rest of the week was okay.

Healthy Thinking: To remember that I’ve come a long way (baby) and to be proud of the progress I’ve made and not focus on the remaining imperfections on my body. Doing pretty well on this one! Also on the previous week’s goal of staying positive about my current career situation.

Next Week’s Goals

Weight Loss: Next W.I.W. is the day before my (ah!) 27th birthday. I will eat like a saint (they eat really well, right?!) all week. And my scale will say 139 next Wednesday. It will. (I realize I haven’t talked about my exact weight for a while, but y’all aren’t stupid. And my before and after picture says my before weight, so my after weight/goal of 50 pounds is easy to deduce!)

Fitness: Only one rest day between now and next Wednesday, not the 3 I took this week (though I needed two of those.) Balancing my half training schedule with the cardio Joel gave me.

Nutrition: Limiting the booze. Doing my own Semi-Sober February. Booze=extra pounds, people. It also can equal fun, which is why it’s so hard to reconcile the two sometimes.

Healthy Thinking: That I’m awesome and can do anything. But also to be realistic and know my expectations and not say yes to everything and overwhelm myself. (See also: work on time management.) Also. And this is a big one: to not think “I’m turning 27 (ahhhh!), I should have done x; I should be x.”

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