This soup is pretty damn good right now. Pretty damn good for me? Calorie-wise, sure. 70 calories per serving. I’m having both servings. My lunch will be a scale-topping 140 calories.

But it has 820 mg (or 34% of your daily recommended value) PER SERVING. Good thing I’m drinking a lot of water. To enhance the soup I found at the back of my pantry a little bit, I added some spinach while cooking.

Speaking of spinach, I gave blood a few weeks ago and the triage dude was very impressed with my hemoglobin (the stuff in your blood that carries iron). “Must be all the iron I lift, huh?”

He was pretty impressed with the preppy blond chick lifting iron.

It’s times like that when I smile to myself and remember that it’s more than the number on my scale or in my jeans — it’s how healthy I am. And while I’m mad at my body right now for getting sick, I’m a very healthy person now. And that’s what it’s all about.

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