Tonight, I had a Junior League meeting at California Pizza Kitchen. After stressing thinking this afternoon about what to get, I decided to go halfsies (both on healthiness and on my meal) and split a pizza and a salad with a friend. (BBQ chicken pizza, if you were wondering.) I had a master plan to go to the gym afterwards, but I forgot pants. You can work out without quite a few things, but pants are not one of them. I’m going to go upstairs to the gym in my building and do a short strength workout. Staying healthy is about being consistent and flexible. 

Maybe you’re not as lucky as me to have a gym in your home/building. That doesn’t mean that just because you forgot your pants you can’t workout. There’s always Exercise TV (most cable providers have some version of this), DVDs, or workouts you can do with just your own bodyweight. (Reminder to self: write post soon on this.)

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