I Ain’t No Holla Back Girl!

Oh, wait…yes, yes, I am a hollaback girl.

Oh, more accurately, a Hollaback Health Blogger! Remember the discussion a few weeks about what healthy blogs “should” be? I responded to Rachel’s guest post on Nutritionista.

Since then (that’s also right around the time of my job offer), I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the future of this baby blog. I have some private ideas that I’m not ready to share yet, but I’m definitely looking to improve it, always. (While still staying true to myself and y’all.)

So when I found Hollaback Health, I was completely intrigued. Hollaback Health is a group of healthy bloggers that are, basically, working together to encourage great blogging among fellow healthy bloggers. I’ll occasionally be posting over there about awesome healthy blogging, and I look forward to learning a ton from some great bloggers. Check out the Web site for some other awesome healthy bloggers.

I’m going to continue to post pics of what I eat and updates about my life, but I’m also going to experiment with different kinds of posts and content, including — gulp — vlogging. (The power of video is undeniable. Rachel’s writing is absolutely great, but her vlogs are OFF THE HOOK. And yes, I have a major blog crush on her.)

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