Sunday Funday

To me, Sunday Funday means daytime drinking, so that may be a little inaccurate, as I did my daytime drinking yesterday. 

After way more alcohol than usual this week (and the requisite less-good food choices that go along with that), alcohol was the last thing I wanted today. I devoted today to recommitting to the healthy habits that have taken a back burner in the past week or so.

I started off with a Dunkin’ Donuts egg white turkey sausage flatbread, because I had a serious craving for it:

And then scarfed down this creation (basmati rice, guac, grape tomatoes, feta and black beans) between running (not literally) out to Hoboken to pick up my sweet little dog from my parents and a Junior League conference call.

I had originally told my parents I’d come home for dinner tonight to pick up Bailey, but I had a really long to-do list today, so I stuck around here. My mom was going to make spaghetti and meatballs, so I decided to make my own because I was in that mentality. I used whole wheat pasta instead and added some broccoli to make it healthier. I used pesto sauce, which I hadn’t had in a while

Last week, I just sucked at working out. I ran Monday and Wednesday, and that was it. I also ate much less healthily than I usually do. I was feeling incredibly frustrated with myself, so I headed uptown to meet Sara at a 5pm spin class at her gym. Afterwards, of course, I felt much much better. I bought some spin clips today, and I plan on trying them out tomorrow. 

I just finished the Happiness Project (full review to come soon, but in short? AMAZING.) and one of the things the wise, wise Gretchen Rubin talks about is occasionally taking a break from something to make yourself appreciate it more. I really can’t change the fact that I didn’t work out last week, so I’m choosing to think about it as reconditioning myself to put my all back into working out again. I’m totally off on my marathon schedule, so I think I am going to pick another one and start over.

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