NYU Program Teaches Surgery Patients How To Eat Out

Link: NYU Program Teaches Surgery Patients How To Eat Out

I saw this on NY1 today while sick and working from home.

Sixteen-ounce rib-eye steak, pasta primavera, and chocolate cake are not menu items that you would think you could eat while recovering from bariatric lap-band surgery. But Dr. George Fielding and his team at the NYU Langone Weight Management Program treat their patients to dinners out on the town regularly to prove to them that “oh, yes they can.”

They can, but should they? Probably not. Sure, it’s fine to do this every once in a while, but this seems to be another symptom of the get-thin-quick-without-focusing-on-why-you-gained-the-weight disease. 

I would think it would be more responsible to take them somewhere and show them the healthy items on the menu…

What do you think?

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