Sometimes, even I get sick of eating out/eating takeout. (Surprising, I know.) You know how addicts usually hit rock-bottom before they decide to turn things around? That’s how I feel about grocery shopping. My fridge has to be almost empty before I’ll go grocery shopping. (I hate spending money on groceries, I have an easier time spending $11 at a time for a Pump bowl than spending $60 at once on groceries.) But then I realize how much money I spend eating out, so I go grocery shopping. 

Tonight, I made scallops with a pineapple glaze that my mom got me from Omaha Steaks. I usually cook scallops with lemon, wine, butter and olive oil, so these weren’t as good as my usual scallops, but I didn’t have any lemon or white wine. (And I’m sick, so I didn’t want wine. I KNOW!) 

And now I’m going to go watch the Real Housewives of NJ, because they’re from my town too, and I need to know what to defend myself against 🙂

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