Some Things I’ve Been Thinking About

I’ve read a lot in the health blogosphere lately about intuitive eating, not cutting things out of your diet and eating good fat. 

I lost 50 pounds by cutting out dairy, sugar and severely limiting grains (even whole ones) and alcohol.

I’m not trying to lose weight any more. I’m trying to maintain the weight that I did lose and stay both healthy and toned. I enjoy red meat, and I definitely enjoy grains. I enjoy eating healthily and the way it makes my body look and feel, but I also enjoy happy hour, bar food and the occasional hamburger. (Although they usually bother my stomach now. Still worth it.) 

As my current favorite author Gretchen Rubin said, “I can go cold turkey, but I cannot indulge in moderation.”

I enjoyed this sentiment so much that I posted it here. I still agree with it. However, I want to be able to enjoy food a bit more than I currently do. I want to stay healthy but also enjoy the foods that I enjoy. I’m still working on that. 

What do you think? Is there anything you’ve totally cut out of your diet that you wish you could enjoy more responsibly?

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