Breakfast: back on the overnight oats bandwagon. Today I was low on soy milk, so it’s a full Chobani with some oats and a bit of soy milk, lots of blueberries and a whole banana. I DEFINITELY didn’t a morning snack after this.

Lunch: I made a salad with some spinach, feta, a chicken pattie, peppers and some of my favorite Omaha Steaks sauce. (I’ll look up the name for y’all, since everyone asks this! It’s pineapple something.) I also had a piece of leftover pizza from last night.

I didn’t write any more about dinner last night because I was feeling “god, everyone knows everything about my life, and I know so much less about everyone else’s life.”

While maybe I can’t use my blog to find out more about my real friends’ lives, I can find out more about my readers! Tell me a little about yourself! Who are you?

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