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Why I Don’t Cook Often

Because I suck at it.

Because I usually get home after 8 and I just want to eat, not think about what to eat and then make it.

But that gets expensive, so sometimes I grocery shop and pretend I know what I’m doing. But I almost always mess something up. I claim to be the type that “doesn’t like to follow recipes,” but maybe I should.

Tonight’s disaster:

  • kale sauteed in coconut butter
  • baked sweet potato wedges
  • rotisserie chicken

Why was this a disaster? The sweet potatoes were too dry and the coconut butter never really properly melted in my frying pan.

Any advice on how to stop sucking at cooking and start enjoying it?

I can’t quit the banana/sunflower seed butter sandwiches for breakfast as of late. But considering I was spending too much money on breakfast before I started doing this, it’s okay with me. Even if you, like me, are lazy and not a morning person, this is probably the easiest thing you can make. Grab bread and banana. Throw in bag. Get to work. Spread sunflower seed butter (or whatever nut/seed butter of your choice). Cut banana. Spread. Cut sandwich in half, if that’s your style. (It’s totally mine.)

And yes, despite loving to work out now, I’m still lazy. I go for the seat on the subway versus standing, if I can. I prefer to lounge on my couch as often as possible—especially after a hard workout!

On another note, how do you make yourself work out in the morning? I can do it if I know I’m busy at lunchtime and at night, but otherwise it’s a losing battle with the alarm clock. Every single morning, I set my alarm for “early,” and every single morning, I snooze through. People who aren’t morning people: how do you make yourself do it?