I can’t quit the banana/sunflower seed butter sandwiches for breakfast as of late. But considering I was spending too much money on breakfast before I started doing this, it’s okay with me. Even if you, like me, are lazy and not a morning person, this is probably the easiest thing you can make. Grab bread and banana. Throw in bag. Get to work. Spread sunflower seed butter (or whatever nut/seed butter of your choice). Cut banana. Spread. Cut sandwich in half, if that’s your style. (It’s totally mine.)

And yes, despite loving to work out now, I’m still lazy. I go for the seat on the subway versus standing, if I can. I prefer to lounge on my couch as often as possible—especially after a hard workout!

On another note, how do you make yourself work out in the morning? I can do it if I know I’m busy at lunchtime and at night, but otherwise it’s a losing battle with the alarm clock. Every single morning, I set my alarm for “early,” and every single morning, I snooze through. People who aren’t morning people: how do you make yourself do it?

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