It was FREEZING in my office today, so I took a walk to B-Bap for some chicken, veggies and brown rice so I could warm up. I forgot my lunch again.

For those of you who think that I am a gym rat who loves working out, I’d like to let you know I’m laying on my bed right now (it’s 7:49) and here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Do I really have to work out tonight?
  • I ran 10 miles yesterday.
  • I’ve been sooo good with my workouts lately.
  • I already lost the weight.
  • By the time I finish, it will be 8:30. By the time I make myself something to eat it till be 9. I want to go to sleep by 10, 10:30.
  • I’m sore.

As in, I make the same excuses that I used to. Except the difference is, once I wrote this down I realized how pathetic it sounded. I still want to lay in bed…but I’m going to go do a quick, low-impact 30 minutes on a bike and watch TV shows on my iPhone. So, why don’t you stop making excuses and go work out, too? 🙂

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