The Other Side of New York

For every $5,000-a-month one-bedroom penthouse, there’s a $1200 junior one-bedroom (NY-speak for teeny-tiny one bedroom) or $600 bedroom in a converted 4-bedroom apartment a mile walk from the nearest train. 

Which is to say, New York is definitely one of the most expensive places in the U.S., but there are some incredible deals to be had.

After watching some soccer yesterday, my friends and I headed to Cooper 35 for dinner — sounds relatively classy until you realize that it’s actually Cooper 35 Asian Pub. When you walk in, there’s no pretense that this is any kind of upscale restaurant. But it’s crowded, which is a good sign. 

After scanning the menu, I decided to go for the cheapest thing on it because a $3 dinner sounded kind of amazing. Also, it’s their specialty: the noodle bowl. For $3, I got a ginormous noodle soup bowl with veggies, tofu and egg. 

For an extra $3, I got a drink—the Asian Express. The express to drunkytown, we joked, after tasting how strong it was. (Don’t be fooled by its light pink exterior.)

Dinner total? $6+ tax and tip. 

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