Never Say You’re Sorry…

…for food.

Last night, I met up with the awesome Meredith at Spitzer’s, a fun bar on the Lower East Side for some Allagash Whites, and media and Tumblr gossip. We reaffirmed how small NYC actually is and how much we both love everything Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines.

We split fries:

and salad:

Were the fries healthy? Nope. Were they good? Yup. I made a green monster when I got home to get in my spinach for the day.

This morning was started with some burpees, mountainclimbers and squats, and was definitely a venti kinda morning, with a side of my name spelled wrong:

Today’s veggie? ZUCCHINI! (Sadly, not like my mom makes it—breaded, with spaghetti sauce.) Today’s workout? 10.5 mile bike ride.

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