I caressed the snooze button this morning, again and again and again, so I definitely didn’t squeeze in a workout this morning, and I have plans after work, so I hit the gym at lunchtime for some intervals on the treadmill. (I also did some crunches and bicycles this morning—Theodora 2.5/Operation Joel Kicks My Ass has me do a few strength moves every morning to jumpstart my metabolism.)

I grabbed a turkey burger, sweet potato wedges and green beans for lunch. I talked with Tina this morning about bringing lunch, and I realized I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching in the least. Bringing. Lunch. For. The. Rest. Of. The. Week. (And not soba noodles!)

Also, I’m definitely freaking out about my marathon. I’m trying to talk to Laurel a lot about marathon-ing, read the Runner’s World forums, and follow Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point’s advice about not hating your long workouts. Because I have 15 miles to run this weekend, and my current strategy of freaking out isn’t working.

And the vegetable of the day: spinach. To be worked in at dinner.

How do you get yourself in the game mentally for workouts (or really, anything in life) that you’re nervous about?

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