Seven Great Miles

…finally! After a few rough runs in the past few weeks, I was excited to head off to Brooklyn to run with Ashley and Rebecca. Unfortunately, the subway had other plans for me, and I didn’t make it out there to meet them. I decided I’d mix it up anyway and head up the east side of Manhattan, rather than the west, like I usually do. After about a mile, I realized why: the west side is way prettier!

I ran up to the Williamsburg Bridge, across it and through Brooklyn. When I run, I do a lot of thinking. Sometimes it’s about stuff going on in my life, sometimes it’s about what I’m going to write about my run.

As I ran through Williamsburg, I was surprised that it’s not just hipsters. I saw lots of little Hasidic Jewish men with big fur hats. (Apparently they’re called shtreimels. Don’t say I never taught you anything.) I saw a very different Williamsburg than I’ve seen when I’ve been to a few bars out there.

I think it’s good that I took a completely different route this time; it kept it fresh. I EVEN FOUND A TARGET AS I FINISHED UP. I went inside, but I was too tired/sweaty/thirsty to shop. (I know!)

Here’s a map of my route, because I don’t know anywhere else in BK where I ran, other than Williamsburg:

(Note: Between the first two bridges [Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, for non-New Yorkers], I did not run through the water, despite what it may look like.)

I NEVER wake up this early (I left at 7:45) to run, but I’m glad I did. It’s not even 11am yet, and I’ve already run seven miles. And had a bagel. Below are my splits.

Any advice on why I’m running slower? Or should I just chalk it up to the heat?

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