Pretend that tofu is salmon and you’ll have my dinner for tonight. (Yeah, I reused the photo.) I’ve definitely been on a soba noodle roll lately. And with good reason—they’re great for you. Lots of protein and other health benefits. 

I have three very busy weeks/weekends in a row coming up (and had quite a few busy ones in early July) so I had a nice, quiet weekend full of running, mani/pedi, a LivingSocial massage, quality time with friends and Bailey. And myself. It’s nice to actually feel rested up after a weekend!

This morning, I had a 20-mile bike ride on my schedule for cross-training. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m ridiculously clumsy. So, after my doorman helped me attach my lock to my bike, I made it less than a mile before I wiped out. My confidence shaken (I’m still getting used to biking), I decided to half my workout. I’ll do the rest before work tomorrow.

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