Giant Fail.

Usually I keep this bloggity blog puppies and sunshine, but I had a crappy night. (Which may have had to do with my lack of coffee today?)

I was running late to meet Kendyl at spin. When I finally got to the gym, I realized that I had forgotten shorts. I have a credit that I was going to use to buy a pair of shorts, but the shop people couldn’t get their acts coordinated with the front desk people, and I ended up missing the class. Luckily, I’d already worked out this morning so at least I didn’t forgo working out today; just my “bonus” workout.

Rumbly tummy and all, I trudged back to the subway thinking about how I could have been home already if I had realized earlier that I forgot the shorts. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. A gross dude was rubbing up wayy closer to me than he should have on the subway. I got off a stop early to stop at McDonald’s for a 150-calorie ice cream cone. (What? There can’t possibly be real milk in it ;)) Of course, they were out. 

I have food, but I needed some comfort food. If it weren’t for my stomach problems of late, I might have gotten some junk food. Instead, I got some Pump with the vegetable of the day: mushrooms. I don’t like mushrooms, btw, but Joel basically told me to suck it up!

I forgot to mention, for the opening of my OpenSky shop, everything (by everything, I mean the one foam roller I’m selling so far—I’m not selling anything I haven’t tried yet!) is 25% off if you use the code EXCITE25. I also added a disclosure on my shop page that yes, I will make some money off of any sales. I think it’s an interesting concept that I want to give a try, but please let me know your feelings on it.

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