I’m leaving…on a jet plane…

Yeah. True story: I usually stick to photo-type posts because I am TERRIBLE with titles. When I used to be a reporter, I’d give my stories some terrible headline and write “(please change this)” afterwards.

I’m getting ready right now to leave for Chicago tomorrow morning for the Healthy Living Summit, a conference with fellow healthy bloggers! It will be fun to talk health, running and blogs all weekend. I was busy at work today preparing for my day off tomorrow.

Sweet potato, spinach, a turkey burger and brown rice (with a packet of sweet and sour sauce I found in the work kitchen) for lunch. I had the same for dinner, without the sweet potato, so no photo.

I also managed to bust out a fast four miles when I got home from work—4 miles in 35:12, or a 8:57 pace! Hell yeah! 

My next post will be from Chicago! I’ve only been there once—when I was 12, to see my cousin, who lived there—so I’m excited to return as an adult a little older, and I’m also excited to preview some of the marathon course.

I’m not excited for the flights. Like the lovely Laney, I’m a nervous flyer. And it doesn’t help that I’ll be flying on a small-ish plane. (Does anyone else look up what kind of plane they’re flying on before they go?)

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