This is basically the same thing I ate for a late lunch yesterday. Yesterday, it made me sick to my stomach; tonight, I feel fine after eating it. This is why I don’t understand my body.

Or maybe I should just move to SF 🙂

 graceinsmallthings replied to your post: Taking It Easy


It’s being in nyc I tell you! I met up w yet another couple last week who both had celiac/extreme ibs growing up in ny, but it curiously went away when they moved to sf. Moral? Move here!!!

I ended up compromising with myself on taking it easy and ran three miles at the gym instead of the planned 10-mile run and 20-mile bike ride on my schedule. I’m planning on just getting back to my regularly planned workouts tomorrow. Speaking of, check out the sidebar. I updated my workout calendar from now until Chicago. Ah!

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