Back from Hawaii!

I’m back from Hawaii, but my body isn’t. Waking up at 7am this morning felt like waking up at 1am. I did some groggy, groggy Yoga On Demand before work to try to wake things up, loosen things up after a long flight and keep my mellow just-back-from-the-beach attitude all day at work.

I’m planning on slamming water all day, but I also got a venti coffee and a turkey bacon sandwich from Starbucks. They were all out of spinach feta wraps, sadly.

So, I’m thinking about some changes for this little blog, including maybe not posting all of my meals and possibly changing the name, since it’s now inaccurate. I’ve lost weight in the city, I’m not losing it.

Tell me, what do you love about this blog? What don’t you like?

Maybe a photo of Hawaii will help your creative processes:

(Taken at Hanauma Bay, where I swam with the fishies.)

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