Back to Life, Back to Reality…

The day back after a vacation is supposed to suck, but I’m having a good one!

I got a bunch of free running gear from work (!!), and I almost got free running sneaks—the exact ones I wear!—but my feet are too big.

At lunch, I decided to go get on buying new running sneaks, and I tried Super Runners, one avenue and one block over from my office. I got my sneaks (Saucony ProGrid Ride3—check out the Runner’s World review here) for $20 less than they go for at JackRabbit, where I usually get my sneaks. These will be the shoes that will bring me across the finish line in Chicago in 22 days!

I get asked sometimes to recommend running shoes for people. I’ve always gone to a specialty running store to get measured, and I recommend you do the same if possible. If not, look for advice on Runner’s World. Each person and their needs are totally different.

Speaking of the marathon, which I will be doing a lot until then, I’m thinking of signing up for the Jersey City Half on Sept. 26 as a tune-up. Anyone else doing it or has done it? Heather of HangryPants apparently did it and didn’t like it, but I’m willing to give it a try.

I returned to the soba noodle salad for lunch, since I have Post Vacay Empty Fridge Syndrome.

Must go grocery shopping this weekend.

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