Can I have some cheese with this whine?

The past six weeks or so, my social life on the weekends has been pretty lame. For much of August and the beginning of September, I was plagued with stomach issues and in hardcore marathon training. I either didn’t want to go out because I didn’t feel well, or I didn’t want to go out because I had to run a shitload of miles the next day. 

Of course, my stomach finally feels better, and I only have four miles to run tomorrow, and I have a cold. So maybe just one more lame night pre-marathon. (You best believe I’m going OUT after the marathon.) 

The irony of this whiny post is I told Liz tonight at happy hour (yes! we finally met! and Kristin! And I had two glasses of wine for $6!) how I try to stay as positive as I can on this blog. I realized I’ve actually been pretty whiny lately with how I am SO READY to be done with this marathon training.

I need to remind myself that these sacrifices will be worth it on 10.10.10.


B-bap! I went for the spicy chicken so that I could clear out my sinuses.



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