Keeping It Simple, Stupid.

That’s been my eating strategy as of late to keep my stomach calm. The sushi yesterday upset my stomach, so for dinner, I just had some chicken and broccoli. At a restaurant, I usually try to get something more exciting than I can make myself (which is usually pretty easy!), but if getting something simple keeps me feeling okay, then it’s worth it.

This morning, I ran the World Trade Center Run to Remember 5K on Governor’s Island with Tamsin, Ashley, Meghann and Ashley and Meghann’s men. Despite the Governor’s Island ferry being just blocks from my apartment, I’ve never been there. The lines for the ferry always look kind of ridiculous. But at 8:15 this morning, they weren’t bad.

As you can see, there’s a beautiful view of Manhattan from Governor’s Island, so it was a gorgeous, flat course. Ashley and I talked about the fact that we easily could have PRed if we hadn’t done a long, double-digit run the day before.

Instead, we started off chatting, and the run felt pretty hard—but still better than my first 5K ever. I kept reminding myself that it would be over really quickly. After about a mile, my legs felt loose and I started enjoying myself more. At around 2.5 miles, I decided to run hard for it, even though I really should have used this as a recovery run. I ended up finishing in about 28:34 (not a PR, but still pretty fast, considering), and my last mile was 8:30!

We walked around a bit looking at the food truck festival, and came back to my apartment to shower before heading out for some sightseeing. I’ve been trying to keep things simple for my stomach, so we went to J.G. Melon for some burgers. I wanted a regular burger, but I gave my tender tummy a turkey burger since I knew it could digest it easier.

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