Autumn in New York

I’m honestly Team Summer, but autumn in New York is pretty damn awesome.

Still, I just was not feeling today when I woke up. I felt tired and sluggish and like each step required the strength of ten thousand men. Nonetheless, I trudged uptown to continue my apartment search. My lease is up December 15, so I’m trying to find an apartment as soon as possible so I don’t have this hunt hanging over my head over the holidays. Apartment searching in New York just sucks, so I was not feeling it.

But my day turned around when I saw a great apartment. I’m not getting my hopes up, but it looked good. After walking around for a few hours, though, I was again famished to the point of lightheadedness. (Probably because of the lack of staying power in a bagel with cream cheese.)

So I stopped in Bryant Park for a sandwich. My camera ate the picture of the sandwich, but here’s some other shots from my afternoon. They’re already starting to set up for the holidays! 

After I got home and rested for awhile, I went out for a run. Since I fueled with beer and not enough sleep last night, I didn’t have high hopes for a great run…BUT I ended up pulling out 6.3 miles in 55:00, for an average pace of 8:42. I honestly have no idea where that run came from, but I’m glad it did!

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