How NOT To Taper

Remember how yesterday I said that today’s long run would be a dry run of my marathon?

Well, I won’t be going out the night before to watch college football.

I won’t have tacos for dinner.

I won’t be having five beers.

I won’t sing at the top of my lungs and lose my voice.

I won’t go to sleep at close to 4am.

I won’t see blog readers at bars! (Hi Kristi!)

But I did have a lot of fun last night, and with this marathon training, it’s been a while since I’ve gone out on a Saturday night. It’s almost 3, and I still haven’t done my long run (I slept in, had a kickball game, am about to get on a conference call), but I had fun and will run after my call.

Also, I’m not touching alcohol until after the marathon, when I will have the biggest beer I can get my hands on.

And, clearly I had a bagel for breakfast. Because I’m running a marathon next week.

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