New York Junior League House Tour

This morning, despite having had quite a few beers last night, I woke up early and made my way up to the Upper East Side for House Tour. What’s House Tour? Amazing. We get to tour some really cool New York apartments—all professionally decorated. 

We’re also fed along the way. Breakfast: a mini bagel and some fruit and coffee:

I got to the League around 10 to greet any press that would be covering the event. (I’m co-chair of the committee that handles PR for the League.) After an hour, I left to go meet Ashley and her husband. Ashley was finishing her last 20-miler before the NYC Marathon, so she was running behind the schedule I was on. I walked from 80th down to the first apartment on 66th and killed some time waiting for her.

I had put on a pair of dress pants since I was volunteering—and they were HUGE! I didn’t realize until I got out of my apartment, and then I spent the rest of the day wanting to change because I felt so frumpy in big pants. I got them last fall, but I lost a few more pounds after that.

In a weird, non-scale victory, I’ve become so much more chill about waiting for people since I’ve lost weight. I don’t *think* one has anything to do with the other, except for the fact that maybe I’m just a little more chill in general. 

We saw lots of amazing apartments, including in the Manhattan House, the Setai (most amazing views ever), some on Fifth Ave and a few in Chelsea and the West Village. We also saw the Norwood Club, a private club on 14th Street. I wish I had photos of all of these amazing apartments, but unfortunately, some of the owners/decorators didn’t allow photos.

We had lunch at the Architects & Designers building, which is a giant showroom for…architects and designers. (Total misnomer.) I had some pizza, some soup and Waldorf salad. 

We ended the day—after seeing nine different apartments!—at the Ralph Lauren Home Showroom.

IT IS AMAZING. Apparently, Ralph (we’re on a first-name basis, clearly) and his team design this showroom to inspire them for upcoming collections. Right now, it’s decorated in an African theme, down to an “outdoor shower,” a tree they brought indoors…and a heavy duvet cover on one of the beds. (We thought that part seemed a bit incongruous.) After that last tour, waiters started walking around serving wine and hors d’ouerves. It was a really fun day! 

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