Tumblr Love

I started this blog for a few reasons: 

  1. I was intrigued by Julia Allison and her blog and this thing called Tumblr.
  2. I was trying to lose weight and thought a blog would be a good way to keep myslf accountable.
  3. I was not crazy about my job at the time and thought a blog that I could grow to maybe become decently successful could lead to some sort of job in digital media.

I did not start this blog to make IRL (in real life) friends. By any means. But beyond the weight loss, that has been one of the most amazing byproducts of my blog. 

Tonight, I met up with a bunch of Tumblr girls. (That I have non-weight loss, normal NYC girl blog friends when my blog is all about food and exercise is even more awesome.) We went to West 3rd Common, just off of Broadway. What was so awesome (no, I am not getting royalties for using the word awesome, sadly) about this bar, other than the company, was that draft beers were $3. So, I drank $15 worth of beer, naturally.

And got a pulled pork sandwich:

And hung out with:


Among others.

Almost everyone there who followed my blog asked about the marathon, and if I’d do another. I am definitely planning on doing NYC next year, but now that I have my social life back, it’s already hard to remember giving up those four months to run.

Guess I’m not leaving my job to become a marathoner anytime soon.

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