Yes, that is me and Jenna Lyons! (The prez of J. Crew!)

A few weeks ago, Ashley asked me what I was up to tonight. Did I want to spend $25 to go to a prviate Amex event at J. Crew that Jenna Lyons would be at? Where I’d get that $25 back in a gift card? And everything else for 15% off? With champagne? I think you know the answer.

About Jenna’s outfit: her and some other important biznass lady were both wearing military jackets like that, over frilly, sparkly stuff. I want one.

About my outfit: I thought it looked so awesome when I left the house this morning but got a little droopy by then. The skirt is J. Crew, purchased at the outlet this weekend, and the tights are Ralph Lauren, also purchased a la outlet this weekend. I wore them with cute black booties and was pretty happy with my outfit. 

So what’d I buy with that discount? Miraculously, only this skirt. But it was a size 2, and I was psyched. 

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