The Health Blogger Who Ate McDonald’s

Honestly, I’ve been on and off lately about how I feel about posting everything I eat. I started this blog to have a fun place to write, but I started taking pictures of everything I ate because I was trying to lose 50 pounds. I lost it (and gained a lot emotionally!), and now I don’t *need* to take pictures of everything I eat.

I’ll still take pictures of most things because I enjoy looking back to see what I was doing on a certain date or at what restaurant I got that amazing duck.

But yesterday I wasn’t feeling it. I ate fine during the day…and then I went to happy hour and an open bar event afterwards…and then I got McDonald’s. It’s maybe the third time I’ve had it in the past 18 months. Sometimes, after a few drinks, it tastes kind of amazing. I’m okay with that, and I went back to my healthy food today.

I’m also trying to save money by not blowing it on food, so I’ve been trying to make things I can bring to work. Sometimes, I’ll bring *most* of a meal and then buy things in the cafeteria to supplement it.

Like today. I started with some spinach, grape tomatoes and avocado:

After getting back from looking at some apartments at lunch (I’m looking to move to Midtown-ish East/West, if anyone knows a good dog-friendly building!), I grabbed some extras from the cafeteria:

Chicken, chickpeas and roasted squash, with some balsamic dressing.

Put it all together:

[Apologies for the crappy photos.]

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