A Rainy NYC Day

Last night, I met up with the lovely Cara for sushi. After all summer commenting on each other’s sushi posts that we needed to get together, we finally did. Her schedule had just cleared with the World Series being over (her job involves baseball, because she’s cool like that) and mine’s been a little clearer since running for almost five hours last month.

We went to Sushi on Hudson, a cozy little sushi place in the West Village. Walking back and forth from the subway, I wondered why I don’t spend more time in this neighborhood. It’s so quintessentially New York.

Though this was only the second time we’d actually met in person, we talked like we’d known each other forever. Boys, apartments, NYC, other Tumblrfolk, other Tumblrfolk’s dips. I ordered a spicy scallop roll, a spicy tuna roll and a piece of salmon sashimi. We went for a late dinner, so I had sort of filled up munching on tortillas with cheese and pita chips with hummus at home.

The sushi:

This morning, it was cold and rainy in NYC, so I decided it was a perfect day for oatmeal, which I purchased in the work cafeteria and added some cinnamon, banana and sunflower seed butter to.

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