NYC Underground

This afternoon, I braved the chill and the rain to go meet Lacey for lunch at Financier. I saw her this weekend, briefly at Junior League the other night and will see her tonight at Junior League, but we haven’t gotten to chat and catch up.

We only work six blocks away from each other, but during a busy workweek, that can feel like miles away. Especially if your office has an epic cafeteria.

Yes, it’s cold and rainy, but in order to walk the two blocks down for lunch, I only had to walk outside for about 20 feet. You see, under Rockefeller Plaza (which is actually 19 buildings), there is a huge underground concourse with Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Ben & Jerry’s and lots of other things. It’s a little confusing under there to the directionally challenged (me), but it’s pretty amazing. I emerged on 48th Street and met Lacey at Financier for some soup-and-sandwich action. I got a French onion soup and a chicken and artichoke sandwich, as did she.

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