Bucket List

Two of my favorite weekday night things happen to fall on the same night.

#fitblog is a weekly Twitter chat run by the amazing Katy. It’s a weekly chat that brings together anyone on Twitter interested in chatting about health and fitness. And it’s awesome. I missed it tonight because I had a Junior League meeting.

This week, we held our meeting at China Fun, a Chinese restaurant on the Upper East Side. It was an amazing departure from our usual meetings, held at the League headquarters in a board room. Despite this being my third year on the committee and being chair this year, there’s still some people I know better than others. It was awesome to catch up with and get closer with a few girls on my committee I don’t typically talk to as much. It was also awesome to eat an egg roll, drink a glass of wine and eat some steamed veggies and chicken with brown rice:

Back to #fitblog. When I walked into my apartment after my meeting, I was catching up on the end of #fitblog. (Big dork here.) The last question had to do with what was on your bucket list.

Some awesome answers I saw:

  • adopting a child from Ethiopia
  • starting a company

What’s on my bucket list?

  • get married
  • have kids
  • buy a house (or apartment)
  • get another degree 
  • start my own business
  • write a book
  • get another dog!
  • run the NYC Marathon (next year, baby!)
  • travel to Greece (maybe for a honeymoon!?)

I’ve never written a bucket list before this, but if I had…the following things probably would have been on it, and can be crossed off!

What’s on your bucket list? What have you crossed off?

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