Morning Person? Night Owl?

Did you see my bucket list last night? What’s on your bucket list?

Yesterday morning, when I laid in bed making a very conscious decision to not go to the gym, I read my Tumblr dashboard on my iPhone in bed. (I’m the queen of good decisions.) Liz posted this link about finding your Circadian rhythm, or inner clock. Mine said that I’m a night person. SHOCKER.

While technically it’s possible to challenge your Circadian rhythm, it’s difficult. Some days I want to be a morning person, but most days I’m happy working out after work or sneaking in a workout at lunch and hitting snooze a few more times to catch a few more minutes of sleep and a few more snuggles with Bailey. Even if this means a more hectic morning and a more hectic day.

Speaking of hectic mornings, this morning I got oatmeal from the cafeteria. I had a mostly empty sunflower seed butter jar in my desk, so I decided to go for some Oats in a Jar [with banana.]

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