I was NOT feeling the gym tonight, but I sucked it up (because I’d taken Monday and Tuesday off) and dragged myself to a cardio kickboxing class. I may be able to run marathons and lift lots of weights, but I am not coordinated in the least, so this class kinda sucked. I should have just gone an extra stop on the subway and headed to the Brooklyn Heights location to take 30/60/90 again.

With a fairly empty refrigerator, I decided to grab some Pump. YOU GUYS. They have spaghetti squash. (Here’s what happened when I tried making it myself…) I went for my usual, just over spaghetti squash. They also have a “Meat and Po-taters” option, which I’m excited to try before I move. (My new apartment is not very near a Pump.) The new “Meat and Po-taters” is braised beef over a sweet potato base with broccoli and other stuff. I know I could make something like this…but they do it so well!

What do you buy to eat that you know you could make yourself?

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