R is for Recovery

[And redemption is spelled R-O-N.]

As you know if you’ve read my blog for more than two seconds, I ran the Chicago Marathon last month.

There are three kinds of marathon runners: those who vow to never do one again, those who say they’d love to run another…but never sign up for one, and those who already have their next marathon picked out.

I’m finishing up the NYRR 9+1 so that I can run NYC next year, and I am psyched for that.

But after training so hard and then being confronted with such a hot day, I know I have more in me. I want to run another marathon this fall.  Plus, Meghann, Leslie and E are all running second marathons. One of my college BFFs, Lindsay, ran Long Beach just a few weeks after Kauai.

It’s totally doable.  Just not for me, not this fall. For one, I wanted to run a marathon I didn’t have to fly to. Marine Corps, Philly and NYC all sold out long ago. And my body is still recovering from Chicago. Pushing through the soreness to run 6 on Sunday was like running 20 just a few weeks earlier.

I want to run NYC, but it will be there next year. And so will I. This year, I’m participating in a Bloody Mary-thon.

And I had a banana sandwich for breakfast.

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