Wanna Be a Wrap Star

I felt a little antsy not posting yet today, but I was BUSY! And…eating similar food. A banana sandwich for breakfast and coconut curry chicken leftovers for dinner.

Why was I so busy, other than that whole work thing?

I am pretty sure I found an apartment! I went back and looked at it again at lunch and ended up putting in an application on it. I’ll find out later this week if I got it, so cross your fingers for me. 

After work, I wanted to make a class at the gym like last week. I couldn’t make that class, but I decided to try a class called Barre Burn.

What is Barre Burn? It’s a total body workout that slims your hipstightens your thighs, lifts your seats and mobilizes your metabolism. Utilizing ballet movements, intelligent isometrics, challenges in rhythm, range of motion and progressive core training, your body heals, tightens, strengthens, so you look, feel and move better!

I thought it was a lot like the Bar Method class I tried back in July. It worked out small muscles with small movements. My (now-perpetually) sore muscles definitely shook from having to hold these ballet-like postures, and I fell over a few times. 

After looking at some bank statements I had to send over as a part of my application for the apartment, I realized (again) just how much money I spend grabbing food. Sometimes I can’t help it (if I am out running errands or something), sometimes I don’t want to help it (getting food with friends), but sometimes I can. So instead of stopping at Pump on my way home (which I wanted to), I did quick mental inventory of what I was craving and what in my apartment could fill those cravings. I had a craving for savory, so I decided to do breakfast for dinner. Three eggs scrambled with almond milk, some Mexican cheese and some spinach, topped off with a little marinara sauce, and wrapped up, per Caitlin’s tips.

Also, I’ve picked a winner for my Adora chocolate giveaway!

I had a total of 57 entries, and the Random Number Generator picked…

Gracie, can you e-mail your address to losingweightinthecity at gmail dot com?

Also, this is totally the best search term that brought someone to my blog today. If any recipes worked, can you let me know? 😉

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