Best Running Memory Ever?

I’d already planned on putting up the entries to this giveaway today, but since I found out today that I got into the NYC Half again (read about last year’s experience!), this is really perfect timing.

Before I post the entries for voting, I have two questions for you.

  • Anybody else get into the half?
  • I’m looking at a variety of training programs, but my goal is to break 2:00. Anyone have a good training program they want to point me towards?

So, without further ado…here are your best running memories. Please pick one from and vote in the comments (or replies, if you’re on Tumblr) by number. The entry who receives the most votes will receive a free pair of sneakers from K-Swiss! You have until midnight EST to vote.

1. LindsayMy favorite running memory was when I was in 8th Grade and I had qualified for State in the 800 meter race. I was not sure how I would do in the final race, but guess what…. I pushed myself as hard as I could and I placed second in the race. I didnt just place second in the race, I set the school record in the race that had been standing for 25 years!! 🙂

2. Meghann: Favorite running memory = running 16 miles in Chicago with a dozen new friends. You included! It was a great bonding run along the lake. I mean who knew all these other crazy runners who were willing to get up before dawn to run 16 miles on vacation? Best run ever! 🙂

3. BritneyMy favorite running memory is the first time I ran 800 meters without stopping (which happened earlier this year!). It felt like a huge accomplishment, and now I can run 7 miles which is so much further, but that 800 meters convinced me that I could be a runner.

4. RachelMy favorite is running in a States meet in High School. That or a run with friends after the rain, we had a blast talking and running through the puddles

5. lovelaynebHalloween ‘09, I dressed up as a Pink Lady & ran my first 1/2 marathon in New Orleans. As I crossed the finish line & saw the people wrapped in blankets with EMTs working on them, I was so proud that I finished without needing medical attention!

One comment on “Best Running Memory Ever?

  1. Diana H.

    My best running memory is the first 5k I attempted to run and I failed at. It was that moment that I decided to train and run another 5k. Since then it inspired me to run a 10k, 15k, and I’m now training for my first half. Wish me luck. I love your blog it inspires me every step of the way to where I want to be!


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