Food for Fuel

I had maybe the most efficient lunch hour yesterday. In 54 minutes, I walked home, walked Bailey, took a few photos of Post-Its to submit to Caitlin for her new book

and picked up lunch at a place called Fuel and walked back to work. It’s sort of like Energy Kitchen—an extensive healthy menu. I got whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce, bison meatballs and some cheese. I thought there’d be less cheese, but I’m not complaining.

I had brought my D-SLR (aka fancy camera) with me to work so that I could take those pics for Caitlin. I usually take my photos at work with a point-and-shoot. D-SLRs are heavy, and I usually don’t want to lug it, in addition to gym clothes and food. They’re also loud, and I sit in a cubicle farm and don’t want everyone to hear me taking a picture. Yesterday, I didn’t care though.

Taking your D-SLR to work means that you can take fancy pictures at happy hour, too.

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