I’ll Be Home For Christmas…

Oh, wait…I am home for Christmas! And it’s wonderful.

But before I came home, I went to work for a while this morning. And got a bagel because last night’s events necessitated it.

Then, I met up with my mom. When I’m coming home for more than overnight, she usually picks me up because I usually have too much to carry on the train (Bailey in his carrying case is really heavy). Today, she met me at my office and we did a little spontaneous sightseeing. The plan was just to see my love, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center (also just known as THE TREE).

(Even the prettiest of things have a bad day sometimes.)

But, once we walked past Rockefeller Center, my mom decided she wanted to go up to the observation deck. As I’d never been up there, I was game for it.

Looking north at Central Park

Requisite psuedo-artsy shot

Looking down from 70-something stories is really not recommended if you’re mildly hungover.

Me and my mama. 

No, really, don’t look down if you’ve had a few drinks the night before.

Once we got back to Jersey, we went to a little restaurant called Cafe L’Amore for lunch. I started with vegetable soup, because I was freezing.

and then I had half of a sandwich with chicken, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella.

Later, I went for a run. It sucked. But I went. 

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